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Solar LED Street Light

Solar Street Lighting at Fe Batteries by BYD

LED solar street light’s by BYD are a market leading, eco-friendly lighting that integrates solar energy into LED lighting. With no dependence on a traditional  power source, the most remote locations and/or cost-saving projects can now be realised with a solar street lamp.

Product Features:

  • No power consumption
  • Eco-friendly and long lifetime
  • No underground wiring, significantly lower operational and maintenance cost
  • Safely invest in LED lighting
  • High efficiency and low lumen depreciation, professional optics and thermal design
  • Equipped with Fe-Li battery (small volume, long cycle life, wide temperature range and deep DOD)
  • Optical and intelligent control

Product Listing:

SX Solar Lighting
The pure Solar product range. The light is completely independent from the power grid.

HX Solar Lighting
A hybrid Solar range that offers products capable of connecting to the ‘grid’ when required.


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